SD 1 Blandingan – Kintamani Bali

I visited school deep in the village of Bali. Their school is not as lucky as others school where it has a proper building to study and resources. Some of student had to walk 7 kilos to reach the school by walking up tp 3 hours to reach the school, often the teacher will reward them money around 5 thousand rupiah ( not even 1 dollar) to convince them to come to school. We came to their school to bring some books, school uniform and teach and at the end of the session we play balloons.




One story that I heard from one of my fellow volunteer is touched my heart. My friends from Jakarta, one of student ask her “Where are from” and she replied “I came from Jakarta” that student ask her “where is Jakarta, is it far from here ?” then She replied “It is five hours by plane to Bali”. That student paused a little then he said “Ohhh … so it is the same distance as my house to my school, it is also took five hours by walking”. My friend stood on silent, she can’t say anything.



This students, they keep study hard even though they don’t have a proper classroom to study, updated book for study and some of them even don’t have a proper school uniform, but they still have spirit to study. It makes me feel I am lucky enough to have a good education in a good school and resources.

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