Tenganan Pegringsingan Village Karangasem – Bali

This all photo is a story of villagers in Tenganan Pegringsingan village Karangasem Bali. Tenganan is a small village in east part of Bali, this village famous known as “Bali Aga” which is mean the real Balinese people with old Bali tradition and way of Life. People who lived in Tenganan Village have their own rule little bit different than other Balinese who live in more develop area. They have their own dates, time and tradition, such as majority the people who lived in Tenganan still wearing sarong as their daily life clothes.

Tenganan Pegringsingan-2 Tenganan Pegringsingan-3 Tenganan Pegringsingan-4 Tenganan Pegringsingan-6

They life in one strict rule where they are not allowed to marry someone outside of the village, if that happens they will get spell and they need to go out from their village and will not able to return back, majority people will marry their close relative.

Tenganan Pegringsingan-7 Tenganan Pegringsingan-13

During Ngusaba apart from Pandan war, there are also a special dance called “Rejang Dance” this dance performed by all the female teenager in the village. Apart as a ceremony attraction, this dance also a way to bring all the teenagers in the village to meet each other, so hope one of them will be fall in love and get married, so during this ceremony all the Tenganan village who work in the city area out from the village have to come to the village to be participate.

Tenganan Pegringsingan-12  Tenganan Pegringsingan-8

Tenganan Pegringsingan-11         Tenganan Pegringsingan-5 Tenganan Pegringsingan-10  Tenganan Pegringsingan-9     Tenganan Pegringsingan-14 Tenganan Pegringsingan-15 Tenganan Pegringsingan-17 Tenganan Pegringsingan-18

When I was there  they celebrate “Ngusaba” ceremony, basically Ngusaba is a ceremony asking for blessing to have a good luck for harvesting rice. During this ceremony there will be a lot of attraction as part of the ceremony, the most famous one is “Perang Pandan” (Pandan War) where all the male villagers (children and adult) will gathered one of each will up to the arena bring pandan and they will fight with it. (unfortunately I was too late to see the Pandan War, thats why I don’t have the picture of it).



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