I always heard how nice Japan is from my brother who has visited Japan for three times. He told me every time he back from the trip “Putu you have to visit Japan, the food is soo delicious, the place is very beautiful and the people is very polite, you will amazed” and for three years I always said “Yes someday I will” but never got a chance to go, until last December.

Out of the blue last February me and my brother browsing the internet, just look a daily stuff like youtube and facebook. He suddenly say “Let’s check the ticket to Japan, let see how much the ticket to Japan for December if we book it today (February)” and we ended up booked the ticket without any planning. Soo here is my trip to Japan, that I never expected I will finally visiting Japan, the place that always on my bucket list.

It took 6 hours by plane from Bali to Narita Tokyo Airport, on the first day I will stay at Massa san and his family house in Yamanashi prefecture located in the Chubu region. I stayed there for two nights, got the chance to experience how it feels to stay at Japanese local house. Massa san live with his wife Mika san, his son Suira and his mother in law Mako san, they are soo nice :).




On the last day before I leave Yamanashi, they took me to the iconic of Japan, Mount Fuji. It took 1,5 hours drive from Yamanashi and it was really windy cold over there.


It was really nice during my stay at Massa san house, I got a very warm feeling during my stay, they are really nice. Arigato Massa san and Mika San for the warm hospitality during my trip in Japan, matane :).

And there so my trip continue, next is Kyoto. I took a Shinkansen train to Kyoto from Yamanashi, it took about two hours travel time.


One thing I realised during my first trip using Japan public transport is their punctuality. The train is on time, what I mean by on time is really really on time!!! it always departed on  schedule never late, not even a second.

Another thing that amazed me how the Japanese dedication for their job, I saw people bow to each other, when I was in the train there is an officer asking to check the train ticket to all the passenger, after he finished his duty before he leave the wagon train, he bow to all the customer.


Kyoto is much different that Yamanashi it is little bit “citiest” compare to Yamanashi, tall building start to show, more people, the road is bigger and a lot of tourist. I stayed in Kyoto for two nights and had a chance to visit Osaka.


After Kyoto then we off to Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. I took Shinkansen train from Kyoto station to Tokyo with travel time around 1.5 hour. What I like every time I ride a public transport is sitting next to the window with my camera always on, ready in my hand. I Like to take a spontaneous photo (just click without thinking every time I passed something interest my eyes).



During my time in Tokyo I visited some popular place as a “must” place to visit when you travelling to Japan, such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku and Ginza. There are soo many public transport option that you can choose to visit those places when you are in Tokyo. I stay for four nights in Tokyo as my last place to visit in Japan since Tokyo is quite big city and I need some time to go around Tokyo.


For me personally I prefer a country side rather than city side. Walking around the country road like in Yamanashi and Kyoto, meet with local people who hanging and drying their clothes in front of their house, seeing kids playing around at local park area and live with Japanese family snacking while watching TV with them, thats kinda daily live I like to experience and photograph while visiting a new place.

Japan has given me an unforgettable moment, the air, the food, the place, the people and even the light in Japan is really special. I wrote this blog a month after I return from Japan and every day I still missed Japan.




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