Negatives Film

Two years ago I went to my friend house Erinda, we both are into photography. When I visited her house I still remember I saw an old film camera on her bench, it was Minolta SRT 101 and she told me that her Dad camera. I’m asking “is the camera still work ?” unfortunately the camera was broken, out of the blue I am offering my self to fix the camera with one condition that after it has been fixed, she let me borrow for couple of week to shoot with it.

That was the first time I am falling in love with Analog Camera, every time I am not on assignment, I will bring my analog camera and shoot with it. I love the simplicity of it, I don’t need to worry about menu, white balance and short of things that I find on my digital camera, just need to pay attention on Aperture, Shutter Speed and Focusing. It is soo simple yet complex, it taught me more discipline with what I shoot.


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