Ngaben is a cremation ritual in Bali for Hindus people. In Bali cremation is one of an important ritual for Hindu’s that have to be done by the family when someone in their family passed away. Balinese people believe that through cremation the spirit who passed away will united with the God.

The ritual started very early morning, the family will dig the grave to collect all the bones, after that all the bones will be covered in white fabric with all the offering and all the family will pray to the bones that has been wrapped as a final goodbye. Once all the ritual done, the bone will be put it in small container that made from wood and the cremation is begin.

After cremation is done, the family will collect all the ashes and the rest and put it in small young coconut as the container. Later, the ashes that in the young coconut will be release in the ocean as a symbol that the spirit has united with the God.

Last September my Grandad passed away, me and my family gathered up to do the cremation for him. It was a special cremation since there are 60 corpse from another family will join the ceremony.



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