Tawik & Kadek Couple Session

Tawik and Kadek has been together for almost 11 years, they know each other through friends during high school and they have been together since. Tawik and Kadek both have passion to travel, they enjoy to discover new places and having fun. Tawik is a school teacher who is love being round with kids and Kadek is a chef who like to cook and do picnic.

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Ngaben is a cremation ritual in Bali for Hindus people. In Bali cremation is one of an important ritual for Hindu’s that have to be done by the family when someone in their family passed away. Balinese people believe that through cremation the spirit who passed away will united with the God.

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Negatives Film

Two years ago I went to my friend house Erinda, we both are into photography. When I visited her house I still remember I saw an old film camera on her bench, it was Minolta SRT 101 and she told me that her Dad camera. I’m asking “is the camera still work ?” unfortunately the camera was broken, out of the blue I am offering my self to fix the camera with one condition that after it has been fixed, she let me borrow for couple of week to shoot with it.

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I always heard how nice Japan is from my brother who has visited Japan for three times. He told me every time he back from the trip “Putu you have to visit Japan, the food is soo delicious, the place is very beautiful and the people is very polite, you will amazed” and for three years I always said “Yes someday I will” but never got a chance to go, until last December.

Out of the blue last February me and my brother browsing the internet, just look a daily stuff like youtube and facebook. He suddenly say “Let’s check the ticket to Japan, let see how much the ticket to Japan for December if we book it today (February)” and we ended up booked the ticket without any planning. Soo here is my trip to Japan, that I never expected I will finally visiting Japan, the place that always on my bucket list.

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AND.M Product shoot

Here some of my work shooting product of AND.M brand own by Tillie, an Australian who is “working in collaboration with local artists, designers and seamstresses, AND.M blends modern and sophisticated styles with playful and contemporary Indonesian patterns. The result is a range of distinctive men’s and women’s statement pieces, from high-end fashion to classically-cut work wear with a twist.”




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Balinese Wedding is fun, colourful and full of Joy

Wedding in Bali is a sacred ritual and I think in every country that Wedding is the most happiest moment not only for the couple but for the whole family. In Bali when Balinese people got married all our family will come and help the ritual, Bali is an island that famous for it culture and ritual are reflecting on their Wedding ceremony.

In Bali there are a lot of thing that we need to consider before we arrange the Wedding, Balinese people will need to choose “The right day” based on Bali calendar to arrange the ceremony, they also will need to prepare the offering that it called “Banten” in Bali. Nearly two weeks before the actual ceremony held, the family will come to the couple house to help to decor the house (almost all Balinese family will celebrate their wedding at the Groom house) and preparing the offering.





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